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KAS is not just a building; it is an artistic expression in itself. The architecture, with its mix of robust concrete structures and delicate wooden slats, is a metaphor for the balance between strength and beauty. The design of the building invites the visitor to enter into a dialogue with the space, where every corner and every view offers a new discovery.

Integrating Art into Every Aspect

At KAS, art is not limited to paintings on the wall or sculptures in the corners. It is woven into the DNA of the building. The artworks have been carefully selected and placed to enter into a conversation with the architecture, creating a space where art and structure complement and reinforce each other.

Art and Nature in Harmony

The KAS garden, a seamless continuation of the natural Scheldt estuary, is a living work of art. With marram grasses, wooden terraces and carefully placed works of art, it creates a landscape where art and nature merge. This offers visitors not only a visual feast, but also a place of peace and inspiration.

Events in Symbiosis with Art and Architecture

Unique Event Experience

Every event at KAS will be an immersive experience, where guests not only witness art, but become part of it. Whether it concerns a business meeting, a private party or a cultural happening, the combination of art and architecture creates an unforgettable ambiance.

Customization for your Event

KAS offers the flexibility to create tailor-made events, with art as a guideline. Whether you choose an intimate meeting in the Chambre D’Amis with its beautiful views or a large-scale event in the Foyer Schelde, the works of art and architecture provide a unique backdrop.

Interactie met Kunstenaars

KAS biedt niet alleen een platform voor bestaande kunst, maar stimuleert ook interactie met hedendaagse kunstenaars. Gasten kunnen live art performances bijwonen, waardoor ze een dieper begrip en waardering krijgen voor het creatieve proces.


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